L. Frank Baum’s widow Maud, daughter of Matilda Gage, tells the story of her life with Baum, the making of The Wizard of Oz and her relationship with Judy Garland. In Hollywood, 1938, nineteen years after her husband’s passing, Maud is determined to be involved in the production of the movie.  Based on the book The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, this beloved film has become a part of Americana.  Connecting the prairie years of Maud and Frank’s early days in Dakota Territory with Garland’s struggles as a budding star in Hollywood, Elizabeth Letts provides insights into the history behind Baum’s fantasy and the making of the iconic picture.

Join us for a discussion of this richly imagined novel. We will provide background on CNY Reads, as well as the Central New York connections to this work. Those who have read the book are welcome to join our discussion on Zoom, and those who have not are welcome to preview this intriguing novel. Note: For a complete list of this season’s programs, please check the CNY Reads website: