A Pulitzer Prize-winning writer and journalist, Hersey is credited with “New Journalism,” fusing storytelling devices with non-fiction reportage. Born in China to missionary parents, he came to the United States when he was ten. A Yale University graduate, he served as a foreign correspondent for Time and Life magazines. Known for masterpieces such as Hiroshima and A Bell for Adano, Hersey often wrote about the horrors of war from a very human perspective. His writings later encompassed a wide variety of subjects, including the Warsaw ghetto, fishing, and an updated version of the Faust legend. His many works include The Marmot Drive, Too Far to Walk, Under the Eye of the Storm, The Conspiracy, and The Walnut Door, as well as short stories.

With informal lectures and class discussions, we will examine five novels (in order of publication): A Bell for Adano, Hiroshima, The Child Buyer, A Single Pebble, and Antonietta. (While the public library has copies, they can be purchased from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Thrifttbooks or Note: Please read A Bell For Adano for the first class.