Good photos are more about the person behind the camera than the kind of camera one uses. Rather than simply taking snapshots that record a person or place, come learn how to take photos that engage the viewer and are interesting to take as well as look at.

In the first class, you will learn about lighting, composition, point of view, ways to steady the camera, depth of focus, & much more. These topics will be covered in a slideshow of photographs, illustrating what to do–and not do– to improve your picture-taking. In the second class, we will view the (anonymous) photos you take so you can see how others tackled the broadly defined assigned topics you will be given to shoot in the intervening two weeks. We will share helpful feedback in a safe environment on the images viewed. Note: This class is for the beginner or the person who wants to step up their awareness & skill of good picture-taking. Point & shoot, DSLR, or smartphone are all acceptable cameras. No class: 5/30.