This course is designed for people who have some knowledge of Spanish. Students should be familiar with basic vocabulary, greetings and some general concepts and need to have a working knowledge of regular and irregular verb conjugations in the present tense.   Participants will be expected to speak Spanish as much as possible and will be using the text, Spanish Now, Level 1(eighth edition) by Ruth Silverstein and Heywood Wald, PH.D. In this class, all four language abilities will be touched upon: speaking, listening, reading and writing. Materials for this class will come from the text, websites and teacher generated worksheets which students will be expected to print at home. Small group discussions will give the students an opportunity to use their acquired vocabulary, and ample review of basic concepts is included in this course. A Spanish-English dictionary is recommended in addition to the textbook. Prerequisite: Must have taken Spanish 1 in the fall 2020 trimester.